Who We Are

It’s Our People That Make The Difference!

Opening May 2017!!

Thriving within the Vancouver motorcycle community ever since our doors opened in 1999, What makes us so successful is our core value of “it’s our people that make the difference”. This recognizes the essential importance of our people to the success of our business. Engaged people drive customer loyalty and are at the heart of the relationship model. We measure our success by the extent to which we engage every person such that every role is performed with excellence. We believe that we must have the right people, those with the right talents, skills and knowledge, in the right roles, those required to meet our clients’ needs and the right leaders, those who model leadership behaviors. Who recognize, support and challenge their people  so they can be the best they can be for our customers. 

Brett Cella

Daniel Owsiany

Service Manager

LT. Dan, Ice Cream?

Jeff Beaulieu

Parts Manager

1-2 days from Vancouver.

Kayla Millar

Warranty Administrator

If you’re going to be crazy you have to be paid for it, or else you’re going to be locked up.

Kelly Anderson

General Manager

It’s all about the curves  – Fibonacci sequence.

Larry Pflieger

BMW Master Certified and Ducati Level 2 Certified

Sarah Eisner

Apparel Manager

If I had nine fingers missing I would not type any slower.


Troy Rosman

Sales Manager

The way to great work is to do what you love!