Arai Helmets

Arai’s mission has always been the protection and comfort of riders. Every Arai helmet is meticulously handmade, by craftsmen & women who are active participants in the creation of every Arai helmet they touch, not just workers assembling another thing to fill a quota

Because no two heads are the same.

The simple truth is that a better-fitting helmet is not only more comfortable, but protects better. That’s why Arai leads the industry in developing new ways to provide every rider with a helmet that feels as though it was created just for him. With multiple available interior shapes, and an extensive range of interior liners and removable cheek pads, your Arai helmet can be customized to deliver a bespoke fit


How to Put a Robot Out of Work

We are not opposed to technology when it improves the quality of our product. Our face openings, for example, are cut by a laser-wielding robot. And our paint shop uses the most advanced application techniques available.But the heart of every helmet is a shell crafted by a single person, slowly and carefully, by hand. After three generations of making helmets, we believe it’s still the best way to provide our riders with the utmost in lightness, roundness and protective strength


Experience Makes The Difference

With nearly 70 years of experience designing and building helmets, the Arai family continues to build upon proven performance. Improving on what works, even if only a little, can have profund results. Evolution of performance, built upon a history of experience


Proprietary AR Mat

A mechanically expanded fiber mat, developed , provides a bonding medium for the various layers of Arai’s Complex Laminate Construction shell to bond to, increasing strength with minimal weight

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