Born in 2004, uglyBROS came to life from our desire to fuse protective motorcycle gear with high-end fashion garments. Anyone who rides a motorcycle will know that wearing your moto gear all day is impractical, and often leaves you looking out of place like an “uglyBRO.”


“The construction is as high quality as the fabrics used and they’re sure to last through many riding seasons, gaining character all the while, and keeping you safe and comfortable.”


Premium Lifestyle Motowear

Designed to satisfy both needs of being protective and fashionable, equally. uglyBROS riding denim looks just as good in the office, around town, as it does on the bike. High-quality fashion, fused with function and safety technology, incorporated for the everyday rider… Premium Lifestyle Motowear.



From the beginning we wanted our garments to be heavily focused on quality materials, meticulous construction with high style. This focus led us to trusted resources for our manufacturing. We’ve chosen to work with boutique manufacturers, who brought with them quality craftsmanship with years of garment manufacturing experience.
This trusted relationship allows us to control the quality of every stitch that goes in to an uglyBROS garment.


The Niche

After more than a decade of making high quality moto inspired garments, satisfying motorcyclists in a niche market, we decided it was time to introduce our uniquely designed uglyBROS Motowear to North America and the rest of the world hence uglyBROS U.S.A

Available in stores & online