All motorcycle, car and truck models accepted



For those looking to ‘clean up’ their motorcycle or vehicle. Performing the proper steps of the safe wash method with the addition of paint protection.

1 Day

From $200



New Unit

New unit preparation to ensure vehicle is delivered to the highest standard. Professional removal of any storage contaminates such as water spotting, fallout, and overspray. Correction of manufacturer imperfections including sanding marks and buffer trails.

1 – 2 Days

From $550


An enhancement to the maintenance wash. Adding a single stage polish to help clarify and add gloss to paintwork. Plastics are dressed for a satin finish.

1 – 1.5 Days


From $450


Minor, single cutting stage to help remove light paint defects such as holograms, buffer trails, wash induced swirl marks. Afterwards paint is refined to bring back gloss of the paintwork.

2 – 2.5 Days

From $1100


High degree of paint restoration. Performing multiple cutting passes to achieve 85-90% defect removal within safe parameters. Afterward, paint is refined to remove heavy compounding haze and restore gloss levels and clarity.

2.5 – 3 Days




The works, Performing 95% paint restoration, chasing scratches and paint defects. Refining and jeweling the paintwork. Application of certified paint protection and exterior trim protection. Removing and coating rims. Glass polished and coated.

4 – 5+ Days


add-ons & additional services

Certified only 9H Ceramic Coating

6h Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Rim Coating

Trim restoration

Trim Coating

Glass polishing

Glass coating

Soft top treatment

Leather cleaning

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