custom detailing



High Road Langley is proud to offer a new Bespoke Detailing Service. 


Why do we offer these services?

We understand the need for maintenance not only mechanically, but also the aesthetically, visually, and sheer stunning presence which our brands offer. We offer these services to restore, maintain and protect your motorcycle assets.


Why High Road Langley?

After bringing in years of research, development, experience, certification, as well as continuously growing information, tools, and products. We are able to provide services which vary from decontamination and waxing to multi day paint correction with wheels off paint and rim coatings. To achieve this, these services are based on a bike to bike consultation.


What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process of permanently removing defects in painted surfaces in the lease invasive way by use of various compounds, polishes, pads and polisher combinations. These processes vary based on the desired outcome whilst fitting into safe parameters.


What is Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic coating is the application of Silica Dioxide which forms a hard, durable, flexible, and protective layer over painted and plastic surfaces whilst leaving an incredible glossy high-shine finish. Coatings come in a variety of classifications depending on the percentage of SiO2 content. Glass, 6H Ceramic, 9H ceramic and Rim Coating – which are specifically formulated to withstand the heat build of on iron particles induced by brake pads



Notes on detailing processes:

Ever paint correction and coating application the surface needs to be perfectly clean. The paint correction process first starts with a detailed, multiple stage paint preparation where the motorcycle is deep cleaned and decontaminated by using tools such as foam cannons to loosen built up dirt and grime. Followed by a liquid bug and tar remover, and a dedicated iron remover. Iron remover is designed to work in two ways, first is by helping to dissolve iron particles built up from brake dust, and secondly by opening up the pores within the paint that allow grime to cling to. a multi bucket method consisting of soap, rinse and dedicated wheel bucket. This is then followed by a final rinse and drying using a specially designed drying towel and low compressed air.